Memphis Regional YouthBuild

Funded by: Workforce Mid-South

How to become a student of Memphis Regional YouthBuild

YouthBuild Offers:

Construction Industry Orientation

  • Partnerships with local industry representatives and educators
  • Workshops for YBM19 participants, and educational field trips
  • Classroom assignments on Industry advances

Immediate Academic Improvement

  • Math Skills for Construction
  • Pre-Architecture & Design Presentations from Young Architects
  • Goals for improved Reading & Literacy

YouthBuild Memphis ‘Pre-Apprenticeships’ for Teens

  • Industry Awareness & Engagement for grades 10-12
  • Volunteer & Community Service through Peer Education
  • Volunteer & Work Assignment on first-level/external Home Maintenance

Teen Economics & Entrepreneurship in the Construction Industry

  • Monetizing New Construction Skills
  • ‘Cooperatives’, Tool Banks & Leased Equipment
  • Re-Cycling Construction materials for Senior Citizen Home Restorations

Job Development & Career Exploration for Teens throughout Memphis and Shelby County

  • Construction Plus / Related Construction Industry Careers
  • Cultural & Heritage Tourism (Historic Restorations)
  • Pop-Up Retail & Merchandising (Booth Design & Assembly)
  • Web & Digital Applications for the Construction Industry

The Three Learning Clusters

Contact Us

Contact us today to be a part of a truly innovative, inclusive and relevant training & development model in the lucrative Construction and home building Industry; designed specifically for out-of-school, at-risk, and ‘Opportunity’ participants. SMRCDC does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, age, disability or sexual orientation; All are welcomed and encouraged to participate.


South Memphis Renewal CDC
Jeffrey Higgs, Executive Director

Phone: 901.746.9287
email: [email protected]