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The major property crime rate continues to drop – down 12% compared to 2019. Since 2006, it has dropped by almost 38%. This huge drop is driven primarily by a 67% decline in reported burglaries since 2006.

Reported robberies continue to go down, with a drop of almost 15% compared to 2019 and almost 60% compared to 2006.

The overall crime rate (defined by 54 different Group A crimes) continues to go down – declining 4% compared to last year. Since 2006, it has dropped 25%.

SafeWays properties represent only 5% of the units in Memphis apartment communities with 100 or more units. Yet, they account for 12% of the decrease in major tracked offenses in large apartment communities since 2013.


During the pandemic months, murders and aggravated assaults have skyrocketed. The murder rate is up almost 63% compared to last year and 84% compared to 2006. Reported aggravated assaults are up 27% compared to 2019 and almost 58% compared to 2006. These increases offset the drop in reported robberies (and rapes), resulting in an increase of about 18% compared to last year in the major violent crime rate.

Observation: Because of the sheer numbers, we will never see a significant reduction in the major violent crime rate until we reduce aggravated assaults.

The number of reported violent incidents involving guns are up 19% compared to last year, and over 65% of all reported violent crime incidents involved guns. (That compares to around 57% just 5 years ago.)

Many incidents involve more than one offense – due to multiple crimes and/or multiple victims. Offenses involving guns are up 38% compared to last year.

There have been 1,508 reported shootings with persons hit, an increase of about 12% over 2019.


Observation: The trends we are seeing during the pandemic are similar to those in many other major cities – murders, aggravated assaults, and gun crimes in general up and robberies and burglaries down. Murders and aggravated assaults often involve perpetrators and victims who know each other, such as DV incidents and gang rivalries. On the other hand, robberies are typically random, and burglars prefer to act when premises are vacant – less likely during the pandemic.


With the COVID 19 pandemic, creation of new neighborhood watch groups has been stymied.

Productive CrimeStoppers tips are down by about 10% compared to last year and down 26% compared to 2016. Not good !

The percentage of juvenile delinquency complaints involving repeat offenders remains steady at 50%, indicating the continuing need for a youth assessment center.


Bill Gibbons


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